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There are several ways to remain connected to the Borough of Glen Rock and get timely notifications on borough news, emergency alerts and police department notices. Glen Rock’s Mayor, Town Council, Police Department and Administration are asking all residents to sign up for online communications and notifications.

Each of the three resources below offers a means of distributing necessary information to residents and businesses. Please click on the appropriate link below each resource’s description to enroll in that resource (please note there is currently no “enroll all” option; you must enroll in each individually).

Borough E-news
The Borough will periodically send email newsletters to notify residents of town-related events, news and special alerts. Borough E-newsletters may contain detailed information about emergency situations but will also be sent out in non-emergency situations. Borough e-News will only be sent to those residents who enroll in this communication system. Borough E-news is also linked to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Click here to sign-up for Borough e-News today!

Add/Remove/Update Your Contact Information
Emergency Notification (SwiftReach)
Using a tool called SwiftReach, residents can receive emergency notifications via our automated calling system, text messages and/or plain text emails. Messages related to power outages, storm alerts, and other important safety advisories will be sent via this tool. To enroll please click on the button to the right.  
Receive community information instantly! Sign up at today! It's quick, easy and secure.
Police Notification (Nixle)
The Glen Rock Police Department, like thousands of other municipalities and government agencies, is now posting alerts and updates through a service called Nixle.  Messages about traffic advisories, crime alerts, and more are sent via text message and/or email. In addition, Nixle posts the alerts on the web. Residents may register for Nixle by clicking on the button to the right.