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Planning Board

Planning Board Information

Mission:  The Planning Board is exclusively authorized to consider applications for site plan review and variances as to permitted uses and applications for subdivisions. The Planning Board also makes determinations as to the Adoption of the Master Plan and makes recommendations to the Mayor and Council regarding zoning ordinances and amendments thereto. The Planning Board also participates in preparation and review of programs or plans required by state or federal law or referred to it by the Mayor and Council.

The Planning Board has a specific agenda for each meeting which primarily consists of the applications pending before the Board at that time. The public may attend and observe any meeting. During the hearings for any application, there is a time for the public comment. The agendas are posted at Borough Hall and on the Borough website a few days before each meeting. For information regarding the agenda or to inquire about when a matter is scheduled to be heard, contact the Planning Board Secretary, Tracy Jeffery - 201-670-3965 ext. 2.

Membership:  Planning Board is made up of seven members consisting of the following four classes: Class I. The Mayor. Class II. One of the officials of the Borough, other than a member of the Borough Council, to be appointed by the Mayor. Class III. A member of the Borough Council, to be appointed by it. Class IV. Four other citizens of the Borough, to be appointed by the Mayor. The term of the member composing Class I shall correspond with their official tenure. The terms of the members composing Class II and Class III shall be for one year or terminate at the completion of their respective terms of office, whichever occurs first.

Board Members
Kristine Morieko, Mayor
Dean Ackerman, Police Chief
Paula Gilligan, Council Member 
Sue Tryforos

Jason Solowsky
Scott King
Ed Morley (filling unexpired term)
Gabriel Bullaro, Alternate
Henry D'Esposito, Alternate 2


Tracy Jeffery
Planning Board Secretary
201-670-3965 ext. 2

Planning Board Meeting Schedule