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Nabisco Demolition FAQs

Updated 04.10.23

We have continued to work closely with a team of individuals and departments to obtain information on the Nabisco Demolition. This includes calls and emails with the Mayor of Fair Lawn, Congress Member Josh Gottheimer, Assembly Members Lisa Swain and Chris Tully, Senator Joe Lagana, and many others to gather all the necessary details. 

The Borough of Glen Rock is committed to advocating for our community and keeping everyone informed. We will continue to provide updates to our community.

Email Council Member Paula Gilligan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.  Ms. Gilligan will continue to update this FAQ as responses come in.

Residents may also contact Congress Member Josh Gottheimer's office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they will reach out on your behalf to Fair Lawn. You will need to sign a privacy waiver (federal policy).


---------- 04.10.23 Update ----------

The attached letter ( click here ) was sent to Glen Rock Staff, Students and Parents, from Assistant Superintendent of Schools Gregory Van Nest. 

---------- 04.05.23 Update ----------

The Nabisco Implosion will NOT take place April 15th.  Notification of the new implosion date will be given two weeks in advance.

---------- 3.29.23 Email Communication from Dr. Brett Charleston----------

March 29th, 2023

Dear Glen Rock Staff, Students, and Parents,
As you may be aware, the Nabisco demolition date is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th, 2023 at 8:00 am. Should the demolition occur as scheduled, the district, out of an abundance of caution, will use one of its remaining emergency closing days for Monday, April 17th, 2023. The district will not make this decision until the building is actually
demolished. Should the demolition occur as planned, the district will send out a School Messenger alert on the morning of April 15th, 2023 informing the community that all schools will be closed on Monday, April 17th, 2023. If there is a delay in the demolition, schools will open as normal on April 17th, 2023. In addition, please note the
following steps that the district is taking to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff:
  • The Hamilton campus, including all fields and the gym, will not be accessible to anyone from Saturday, April 15th, 2023 - Monday, April 17th, 2023.
  • The Maintenance Department will shut all ventilation systems down at Hamilton on Friday evening to limit any potential dust getting into the building.
  • At Hamilton, the Maintenance Department will also change all ventilation system filters and the Custodial Department will conduct a deep cleaning of the entire building after demolition and prior to students and staff returning to the building.
  • All other district fields and gyms will remain open from Saturday, April 15th, 2023 - Monday, April 17th, 2023. High School teams, school and community recreation, clubs, and organizations are permitted to have practices, conduct events, play games, etc.
  • Glen Rock’s Environmental Consultant will take before and after air quality samples that include testing for asbestos particles.
  • Should there be any issues with air quality in Hamilton after the demolition the district will use its remaining emergency closing day on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023.
Be well,
Dr. Brett Charleston, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

---------------------- 3.29.23 Updates -------------------------

From Fair Lawn’s Construction Official, Rich Boland: The Manager’s Office has set up a recorded message at 201-794-5366 regarding the information on the implosion of the former Nabisco building.
In addition, the demolition contractor has set up a line to call with questions and comments, 315-651-5082 or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

----- The letter sent to Residents is available here.-----

----- Below you will find the minutes from a Nabisco Demolition Meeting that took place via Zoom on 03.10.23-----

To view the maps, licenses, testing results and more, click here and scroll down.

Nabisco Demolition Meeting (Zoom)
Friday, March 10, 2023 (12:00 p.m.) Minutes

1. Meeting attendees
  • Fair Lawn Construction Official: Richard Bolan
  • Sessler Wrecking: Jeff Sessler
  • Controlled Demolition Incorporated: Mark Loizeaux
  • Controlled Demolition Incorporated: Tom Dowd
  • Greek Development: Matt Schlindwein
  • Greek Development: John Harby
  • Greek Development: Brett Mercer
  • Greek Development: Jon Feti
  • State Assemblywoman : Lisa Swain
  • State Assemblywoman's Office: Rebecca Schwartz
  • Fair Lawn Councilwoman: Gail Rottenstrich
  • Glen Rock Councilwoman: Paula Gilligan
  • New Jersey Department of Labor: Samantha Lewis
  • Fair Lawn Borough Manager: Jim Van Kruiningen
  • Fair Lawn Police Department: Chief Glen Cauwels
  • Fair Lawn Police Department: Capt. Brian La Rosa
  • Fair Lawn Police Department: Capt. Joseph Dawicki
  • Fair Lawn Police Department, Traffic Safety: Brian Goodson
  • Fair Lawn Police Department, Traffic Safety: Paul Donohue
  • Fair Lawn Fire Department: Chief Jacob Mamo
  • Fair Lawn Fire Department: Mike Salvini
  • Fair Lawn Fire Prevention: Angelo Castronovo
  • Fair Lawn: Chad
  • Fair Lawn Rescue Squad: Steve Milnes
  • Fair Lawn Water Department: John Williams
  • Fair Lawn Building Department: Debbie King
2. Messaging and minutes
  • Mr. Bolan reminded the attendees of the importance of a clear, consistent message for public consumption.
  • He said that the minutes of this meeting would be published, along with any relevant attachments displayed or discussed during the meeting.
  • He invited comments on or corrections to the minutes from the meeting on February 28th . There were none.
3. Updates
3a. Asbestos removal
  • Mr. Harby provided an update on the asbestos abatement of the site. He explained that the main building (the bakery) has been cleared, with all related paperwork submitted to Mr. Bola n's office at the Borough of Fair Lawn Building Department.
  • The two remaining buildings -the R&D building and the maintenance shop -are expected to be cleared by Friday, March 17, 2023.
  • Final asbestos clearance letters as well as the Public Service disconnect letter will be delivered to Mr. Bolan's office.
3b. Air monitoring
  • Mr. Schlindwein clarified that the air monitoring discussed at the last meeting was referring to the air sampling done during the asbestos abatement process to check for any fibers that may have been released and to confirm the breakdown of the contaminant.
  • The only other air monitoring that's happening now is for dust, in case there is an excessive amount.
3c. Environmental concerns and removal of potentially hazardous material
  • Mr. Bolan alluded to an environmental study that found a minor contaminant in the soil.
  • There are underground storage tanks, which will be removed.
  • Mr. Sessler mentioned that they would be following regulations for the removal of universal waste, such as light bulbs and exit signs, before the demolition.
  • No hazardous material will remain on the site during the demolition.
3d. Noise monitoring
  • Mr. Bolan clarified Fair Lawn's ordinance monitoring noise levels during construction and demolition. He explained that during hours of operation, the noise limits do not apply. The limits only apply after hours.
    • 150-9, C "All construction and demolition activity, excluding emergency work, shall not be performed between the hours of 6:00 p.m . and 7:00 a.m. on weekdays, or between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on weekends and federal holidays, unless such activities can meet the limits set forth in Table I, II or Ill. At all other times the limits set forth in Table I, II or Ill do not apply. All motorized equipment used in construction and demolition activity shall be operated with a muffler and/or sound-reduction device.
  • Hours of operation are from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  • There are also noise regulations issued by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).
  • The Building Department is not the enforcing agency for the NJDEP noise regulations.
  • Mr. Bolan reminded Greek Development to maintain any records of noise, but copies of those records are not requested at this time.
  • Noise monitors are still in place on the Nabisco-side of the sound wall between the site and residents.
3e. Seismic monitoring
  • There are seismic monitors in various locations around the site, particularly in the areas nearest to residents, which will continue throughout the demolition and implosion.
  • Mr. Bolan requested that the seismic measurements and documents to date and those leading up to the implosion be sent to the Fair Lawn Building Department for their records.
3f. Site security
  • Contractors continue to monitor the site during working hours.
  • The Fair Lawn Police Department continues to monitor the site after hours.
4. The implosion
4a. Anticipated date and time
  • The implosion is scheduled for Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 8:00 a.m.
  • Mr. Loizeaux of Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI) explained that there is a NJ regulation that stipulates that no explosives can go off if the impact would be exacerbated by certain meteorological conditions that create a "low ceiling," such as fog or cloud cover.
  • If weather conditions are not met at 8:00 a.m., the implosion would happen as soon after 8:00 a.m. as safety and security permits.
  • CDI will track the weather for five days before the implosion and flag any concerns.
4b. Brief explanation of the implosion event
  • Mr. Loizeaux compared the event to launching a rocket.
  • There will be radio contact between the contractors and local authorities to confirm that all necessary areas are safe and clear.
  • There will be a hold on traffic in the exclusion zone.
  • At ten seconds, there is an audible countdown to five. At the point, the remainder of the countdown is silent so anyone on the radio can halt the firing, up to one second before detonating the explosives.
  • After detonation, the site is cleared by CDI and then turned over to Sessler Wrecking's control.
5. Community outreach
  • Sessler Wrecking will coordinate outreach with residents within the exclusion zone and respond to any special needs among that community.
  • As part of the outreach, there will be a designated phone number and email address set up for residents to call or write to express any concerns they have and ask any questions.
  • Mr. Sessler said they have already spoken to some residents about having their property surveyed.
  • Mr. Bolan requested a copy of the plan for community outreach for the Building Department's records before releasing the last part of the demolition permit. Mr. Sessler said Mr. Bolan could expect the plan by Monday or Tuesday.
6. CDl's preliminary plan for the implosion
  • CDI presented their plan for the implosion. Please see document titled, "Controlled Demolition Incorporated, Preliminary Plan & Procedure for the Demolition of the Nabisco Building in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, prepared March 6, 2023."
  • Section 111, Explosives Demolition Preparation, pages 2 and 3
    • Mr. Dowd of CDI talked through this section.
  • Section IV, Adjacent Improvement Protection, page 3
    • Mr. Bolan mentioned a query submitted by the Fair Lawn Water Department about whether or not it was anticipated that the implosion would affect water lines.
    • Mr. Sessler responded that there is one water line near the site running toward Route 208. It is seven feet deep. At that depth, they are confident that the water line will not be affected.
    • Mr. Sessler assured that all other utilities, such as gas and electric, will be disconnected.
  • Section V, Types of Explosives, pages 3 and 4
    • Mr. Bolan pointed out that people could refer to this section to find details about the types of explosives that will be used for the implosion.
  • Section VI, Explosives Transportation and Storage, page 4
    • Mr. Bolan reminded participants about the ongoing site security.
  • Section VII, Initiation System, page 4
    • Mr. Bolan asked how the non-electric initiation system worked. Mr. Dowd explained that, somewhat ironically, it's a non-electric initiation system that is initiated electronically-with two electric blasting caps that start a chain reaction. It is designed so there is no accidental discharge and reduces extraneous electricity in the system.
  • Section VIII, Explosives Loading & Handling Operations, page 4
    • The explosives will be loaded four days prior to the event. Only CDI will handle the explosives, all according to regulations.
    • At this point, Mr. Bolan and Mr. Sessler discussed permits that will be issued through the Fair Lawn Police Department and Department of Labor. Mr. Bolan requested copies of those permits.
  • Section IX, Firing and Misfiring Procedures, page 5
    • Before using the electric caps, CDI will walk the structure to check and recheck the setup. They will ensure, through radio communication and multiple accountability clearances, that the exclusion zone is clear.
    • After the implosion, CDI will walk the base to make sure the structure is down, static, and safe.
    • Mr. Bolan showed the color map detailing the locations of the Nabisco building to be felled, the exclusion zone, the evacuation zone, and the command post.
    • The exclusion zone, which is inside the red circle of the map, is stipulated by OSHA. People within that area must stay indoors during the implosion event to prevent exposure to noise and overpressure.
    • The evacuation zone is the blue area on the map. People must evacuate from that area, Mr. Loizeaux explained, not because there is any concern about the safety of the structures they are in. It is because they worry about people exiting those structures and not being able to see them and stop the detonation before they can return safely indoors. So, the evacuation mandate is more a matter of trying to mitigate people's behaviors.
    • People living within the evacuation zone will be guests of Mr. Sessler in another location during the implosion.
    • Mr. Dowd explained that in the event of a misfire, CDI wouldn't do anything for 30 minutes, per regulations. That is to give time for any live explosives to detonate. After that time lapse and no detonation, they would approach the site and try to remediate the issue.
    • Mr. Loizeaux and Mr. Dowd assured that the sequences are redundant to ensure safety, and that in 30 years, CDI has not had a misfire. This section is in the plan, not because it has happened before, but because it is required by law.
  • Section X, Vibration/Air Overpressure Monitoring, pages 5 and 6
    • These readings will be provided to the Fair Lawn Building Department.
    • Mr. Loizeaux said that pre-and post-implosion surveys of buildings will be conducted by a third party, Seismic Surveys, Inc. They may get access to closer dwellings, and the homeowner can accompany the surveyors to see what they're checking and photographing. Nearby structures will be surveyed both before and after the implosion.
    • Mr. Loizeaux felt confident that the implosion would not cause damage to sensitive structures nearby, particularly glass. Before bidding any project, CDI does precalculations to assess the risk of damage to sensitive structures and only proceeds if the numbers are below a certain threshold, which they were in this case.
    • Mr. Loizeaux also talked about material falling to the ground as a result of the implosion. The implosion process follows regulations by the US Bureau of Mines and the State of New Jersey. The implosion will consume and absorb energy as it breaks sections of the building. Debris will fall at the site. It will not be splayed or cause damage to a wider area.
  • Section XI, Sequence of Events, pages 6 and 7
    • This section provides a detailed time line of the sequence of events based on the scheduled implosion for Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 8:00 a.m.
    • The explosive products will be delivered to the site on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 7:00 a.m., at which time assembling and loading will begin.
    • For the next two days, on Wednesday and Thursday, the explosives will continue to be assembled and loaded.
    • On Friday, April 14, there will be a pre-implosion survey of the site.
    • On the morning of the implosion -Saturday, April 15 -setup will begin at 6:30 a.m. Please see the attachment for a detailed timeline based on a scheduled shot time of 8:00 a.m.
    • Mr. Loizeaux and Mr. Dowd explained that in the event of an "all stop," once the situation is rectified, they would return to the plan as specified at detonation minus minute, and repeat the steps as outlined.
  • Section XII, Conditions Following the Implosion, page 7
    • Mr. Loizeaux discussed how CDI mainly serves hospitals and universities. They prefer implosions as a form of demolition because they mitigate issues around noise and dust.
    • Mr. Loizeaux also talked about the ability to accommodate special circumstances during an implosion, such as the need for an emergency vehicle to pass. Up to one second before detonation, they can accommodate that need and reset.
    • Mr. Loizeaux explained that dust will linger at the site for about five to ten minutes, depending on the wind direction and velocity.
    • Once the site is cleared after the implosion, Sessler Wrecking will take over control and begin the dust cleanup and removal of any protective material.
7. Questions and general discussion
  • Mr. Schlindwein suggested that, in addition to community outreach, there be a plan for media outreach, given the public interest in the event and the desire for it to be televised. He suggested a designated area for camera operators. This will be coordinated with the Fair Lawn Police Department.
  • Captain La Rosa requested a meeting with Mr. Sessler next week to discuss the logistics of the setup prior to the implosion.
  • Fire Chief Mamo reiterated the need for 24-7 security at the site from the moment the explosives arrive five days prior to the event. He requested that Mr. Sessler send the Fair Lawn Fire Department any recommended responses in the event of an emergency that may result from the explosives.
  • Mr. Loizeaux directly addressed the government representatives present at the meeting. He wanted to assure them that CDI has been doing these implosions for a long time and that they will do what it necessary to make the community comfortable and be as responsive as possible.
  • Ms. Rottenstrich requested ongoing monitoring of the air quality the day of the event, by an independent party. Mr. Sessler suggested discussing this further next week.
  • Ms. Swain reiterated Ms. Rottenstrich's concern about air quality. Later, in response, the contractors reiterated that the air quality will only be compromised for a few minutes immediately following the implosion.
  • Ms. Swain also asked for clarification on previous comments made by Mr. Bolan about how limitations on noise do not apply during hours of operation. Mr. Bolan explained that the DEP sets and enforces those limitations, not Fair Lawn.
  • Ms. Swain asked how Mr. Loizeaux will be in touch with constituents to be able to address their concerns. He responded that Mr. Sessler is preparing a handout that will be distributed to the community, which will include contact information -a phone number and an email address.
  • Ms. Swain asked how long people would be evacuated from their homes. The contractors responded that they would probably only be evacuated for about an hour. They could return after the "all clear." Mr. Loizeaux reiterated that evacuation is merely to avoid people coming out of their homes unannounced, just prior to detonation. It will be safe for them to return home immediately afterwards.
  • Ms. Gilligan asked why the 8:00 a.m. detonation time was chosen. Mr. Loizeaux explained that, in their experience, it has worked as a good start time, because it's not too early as to inconvenience people, but it's also early enough to avoid larger amounts of being people out and about near the area. He said that if the event is likely to be covered live on television, he expressed the hope that people would stay home and not come out, potentially complicating the situation and creating safety issues.
  • Henceforth, questions and concerns about the implosion will go first to Sessler Wrecking, and then, if necessary, to COi.
8. Schedule for the final pre-implosion meeting
  • If necessary, there will be one more meeting prior to loading the site.
  • This meeting may be done on site and would be limited to the Building Department, Fair Lawn personnel, and Emergency Services.
  • Minutes are not expected to be prepared unless new or different information is presented at that meeting.
9. Publication of March 10 minutes
  • Along with the minutes, Mr. Bolan will include COi's plan, the timeline of the asbestos clearances, and the asbestos test results.
  • Once the additional clearances arrive on March 17, he will release those as well.

-------------------- Below this line you’ll find 03.10.2023 Updates.--------------------

At today’s 03.10.23 construction meeting the implosion was announced. It will occur on Saturday, April 15th at 8am. We will post the minutes to the meeting tomorrow, once they are completed, to the FAQ.  The health and safety of our residents is our priority and the Borough of Glen Rock is committed to advocating for our community and keeping everyone informed. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them.

-------------------- Below this line you’ll find 03.07.2023 Updates.--------------------

When is the next Nabisco Construction meeting? 
The next construction meeting is 3/10/23. Council Member Gilligan will attend representing Glen Rock.  The implosion date will be discussed at this meeting.  We will release the date post meeting. 
Did the GRBOE share updates?  
Yes, see the 2/27/23 meeting here,  
Council Member Paula Gilligan will continue to communicate with the administration and BOE as updates are made. 
Did Paula meet with the Iris Circle residents? 
Paula met with them 3/6/23 and will continue to field their questions. 

Any update on the public forum?  
The FAQs have been very effective in keeping everyone informed, as a result, we will hold off on a public forum. Mr. Bolan will continue to work closely with Council Member Gilligan to ensure that she can share new information to the community as it becomes available. Keeping everyone up to date.  

---- Updates below this line you’ll find Glen Rock’s FAQ, last updated 03.01.2023 ----

Below you will find the minutes from a Nabisco Meeting that took place via Zoom on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 (10:00 a.m.)  
  1. Meeting attendees
  • Fair Lawn Construction Official: Richard Bolan
  • Greek Development: Matt Schlindwein
  • Greek Development: Brett Mercer
  • Greek Development: Jon Feti
  • Greek Development: Ljupcho Gjurchinovski
  • Sessler Wrecking: Jeff Sessler
  • State Assemblywoman: Lisa Swain
  • State Assemblywoman’s Office: Rebecca Schwartz
  • Glen Rock Councilwoman: Paula Gilligan
  • Congressman Gottheimer’s Office: Cheryl Krouse
  • Fair Lawn Borough Manager: Jim Van Kruiningen
  • Fair Lawn Police Department: Capt. Brian La Rosa
  • Fair Lawn Police Department: Capt. Joseph Dawicki
  • Fair Lawn Police Department, Traffic Safety: Brian Goodson
  • Fair Lawn Police Department, Traffic Safety: Paul Donohue
  • Fair Lawn Fire Department: Mike Salvini
  • Fair Lawn Fire Prevention: Dan Santangelo
  • Fair Lawn Rescue Squad: Steve Milnes
  • Fair Lawn Water Department: John Williams
  • Fair Lawn Building Department: Debbie King
  1. Messaging
Mr. Bolan opened the meeting by stressing the importance of having a consistent and accurate message for public consumption from a singular source. The public has been inquiring about the Nabisco project, and some misinformation has spread.  
  1. Updates
Mr. Schlindwein from Greek Development and Mr. Bolan provided updates on the following areas: 
3a. Asbestos removal 
  • Abatement is now finished in the main building. Documentation will be sent to Mr. Bolan’s office within the next day or two.
  • The site is separated into three areas: the main building, R&D, and the maintenance shop. The goal is to have 100% of the asbestos removed over the next three weeks. The same procedure remains in place. That is, the documentation will be sent to Mr. Bolan’s office. 
  • Mr. Bolan explained that asbestos abatement always occurs before demolishing. Various materials are tested in the buildings and if identified as ACM are removed. A tremendous tested so far, and Mr. Schlindwein confirmed that no asbestos-containing material (ACM) has been left in the areas being demolished and is verified through testing.
  • Mr. Schlindwein attested to following the regulations regarding the removal and disposal of possible asbestos-containing material, which they have done on numerous sites for over ten years. Sessler Wrecking has hired the asbestos abatement contractor, Vertex, which is an independent verification firm that adheres to state regulations for removing asbestos and has been filing the related reports.
  • Mr. Schlindwein also confirmed that a representative from the New Jersey Department of Labor has visited the work site on a few occasions to do spot checks and verify that Greek Development and its sub-contractors are following proper procedures.
3b. Air monitoring 
  • Mr. Bolan explained that air monitoring is part of the clearance protocol. It verifies that no asbestos fiber release occurs during removal.
  • To date, no asbestos fibers have been identified in the air.
3c. Noise monitoring 
  • Mr. Bolan explained that there are existing ordinances related to the amount of noise allowable, which is variable based on the time of day.
  • A sound wall had been set up at the work site to mitigate noise to the residential area by Nabisco during their previous operation.
  • Noise monitors are installed on the Nabisco-side of the sound wall, where one could reasonably expect that the noise level would be higher compared to the residents’ side of the wall. 
  • A noise of 100 decibels or higher will trigger a notification from the monitor that the contractors can identify and address. For reference, typical highway noise is around 65 decibels; heavy traffic or a crowded restaurant is around 85 decibels.
3d. Seismic monitoring 
  • Some residents have expressed concern about the demolition possibly causing seismic reactions that might damage the foundations of their homes. 
  • According to the seismic monitoring company, the earth would need to move more than two inches per second to damage a building.
  • The highest seismic shift recorded on the site is 0.09 inches per second.
  • Some residents have given permission for the seismic monitoring to take place on their property. Seismic monitoring will continue throughout the demolition.
3e. Debris 
  • Mr. Schlindwein talked about their efforts to recycle and reuse materials from the demolition. Not only is it environmentally responsible, but it also helps finance large-scale demolitions.
  • Metals are being recycled off-site.
  • Concrete – an inert, non-hazardous material – will be crushed on-site and used instead of quarry stone as an aggregate sub base for the building and parking lot. It will also be used to surcharge a small area of about 20,000 to 30,000 square feet with some geotechnical issues, to help the ground settle and resolve compaction issues.
  • Nothing is being stacked, stored, or held on site that hasn’t been tested or cleared.
3f. Site security 
  • Because people have visited the site when it was closed and posted images on social media, the Fair Lawn Police Department is now monitoring the site after hours. 
  1. Implosion.
4a. The anticipated implosion date has not been set. 
  • Mr. Bolan explained that a certain amount of progress on the demolition is needed before the implosion can be scheduled. The area needs to be prepared.
  • The anticipated implosion date is in April. The specific date will be discussed further at the next meeting, which is proposed for March 8.
4b. Agenda for proposed March 8 on-site meeting 
  • An indoor meeting at the Nabisco site could accommodate around six to eight people. More could be accommodated if the meeting takes place outdoors.
  • This would be a technical meeting. Mr. Bolan would like a presentation of the plan, process, and overview of the implosion.
  • In addition to the timeline for the implosion, community outreach will also be discussed. In particular, meeting participants will discuss how to respond to and clarify the public’s questions about activity on the site leading up to the implosion – when explosive material arrives, when steel is cut, etc.
4c. The implosion contractor 
  • The implosion contractor – Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) – should be present at the March 8 meeting. Mr. Sessler mentioned that CDI has a very tight schedule and is traveling to Dubai for a project. He said he would reach out to them about the proposed date.
  • CDI is a world-renowned implosion contractor. CDI and Sessler Wrecking have successfully completed 25 demolitions together without incident, under tighter constraints than this project.
  • CDI has been to the Nabisco site multiple times.
  • Mr. Bolan has requested a CV for CDI. Mr. Schlindwein referred him to their website for information: 
4d. Regulations and evacuations 
  • Mr. Bolan queried if OSHA writes the regulations for implosions. Mr. Sessler responded that they designate tiered exclusion zones, which will be discussed and specified during the meeting on March 8.
  • Mr. Sessler talked about the need to communicate clearly with the immediate evacuees. He mentioned that a lunch would be provided to them to discuss the impending implosion. 
  • Mr. Bolan clarified that the list of residents living within a 200-foot radius of the site who claimed notification about evacuations stems from a zoning requirement notice rather than the exclusion zone notification which has yet to be established.   
  1. General discussion
  • Mr. Bolan reiterated the need for a consistent, singular message for public consumption. To that end, he will be publishing and distributing these minutes from the meeting.
  • Mr. Van Kruiningen asked Mr. Bolan if he should continue to direct queries from the public about the project to Mr. Bolan at the Borough of Fair Lawn’s Building Department. Mr. Bolan confirmed.
  • Mr. Schlindwein talked about being approached by residents and reporters about the project. He has referred them to public officials and will continue to do so.
  • Mr. Van Kruiningen and Mr. Bolan thanked Mr. Schlindwein and the team at Greek Development for their transparency, responsiveness, and efforts to accommodate their requests and hoped that their lines of communication would stay open.
  • Mr. Bolan asked Mr. Salvini if he had any questions or concerns related to life safety. He said he was comfortable that his concerns would be addressed in due time, at that meeting on March 8.
  • Ms. Swain requested the name of the representative from the New Jersey Department of Labor who visited the site so her office could note it in their records. She also asked for more information about the evacuation process, once ready, so they she could communicate clearly with and protect residents and businesses in the area.
  • Ms. Gilligan asked about the additional noise that will be generated by crushing concrete on-site and when that might take place. Mr. Schlindwein acknowledged that the crushing is loud but that he and Mr. Sessler would discuss the optimal location for the crusher on-site to ensure that it’s as far from residents as possible. He also reiterated the environmental benefits of the process. Mr. Sessler conjectured that the crushing would likely take place a couple of months from now, around late April or early May. He said that the crushing for the surcharge would be about a day’s worth of work. In an effort to be transparent about more potential noise, Mr. Schlindwein mentioned that they will soon be released to start breaking concrete with a hydraulic hammer at ground level. He said the noise would be comparable to, if not less than, the noise generated by the hammering happening now, from a greater height. Finally, he underscored that despite the discomforts now and the emotional impact of losing an historic building, the new building will offer much better sound protection for residents than the old Nabisco building did – with the loading dock further away from homes, buffer trees, and an end result that residents can hopefully enjoy.
  • Mr. Bolan noted that the hours of operation will continue as they are. To maintain a swift schedule, work hours may be extended on Saturdays.
  • Mr. Bolan stated that demolition permits have not yet been released on the utility core or the tower. 
  • Mr. Bolan said he would distribute a draft of the minutes via email after the meeting for any corrections. He shared his email address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and closed the meeting.

----- Updates below this line you’ll find Glen Rock’s FAQ, last updated 03.01.23 -----

What is the Glen Rock Borough doing to alert all residents? 
In our effort to reach all residents, we've asked the following groups/orgs to share our FAQ with their networks/members/communities: 
- All Glen Rock committees, boards, commissions 
- Glen Rock's first responders 
- Places of worship within Glen Rock 
- Glen Rock's private pre-schools, private schools and public schools 
- Glen Rock’s businesses 
In addition, we've submitted a press release to the local paper and e-paper, included the FAQ in our weekly eblast, and added the FAQ to our electronic sign. 
Who has Glen Rock been working with to obtain information? 
The Mayor of Fair Lawn, Congress Member Josh Gottheimer, Assembly Members Lisa Swain and Chris Tully, Senator Joe Lagana, the Glen Rock Building Department, the Glen Rock Borough Engineer, Richard Bolan (Construction Official / Zoning Officer for Borough of Fair Lawn), and Greek Development, the owner developer, Sessler Wrecking the demolition company, and others (the list continues to grow). 
In addition, Mayor Morieko has filed OPRA requests and traveled to the Bergen County Clerk's office to secure information on the owners of the property. She did a full DEP search on previous issues at that site and the current permits they are carrying.  
Council Member Paula Gilligan has been speaking to one or more of the officials mentioned above multiple times a day in order to keep the public informed.  
The Glen Rock mayor and council will continue to advocate for our residents, our community and provide all updates as we receive them to the public. Our residents and their safety is as always our top priority. 
Are there meetings we can go to? 
Please see information regarding the public forum below. In addition, Council Member Paula Gilligan will be attending the stakeholder meetings as the Glen Rock liaison. 
Did Glen Rock request a public forum?  
Yes, Council Member Paula Gilligan did request an educational forum where all questions could be answered. Richard Bolan (Construction Official / Zoning Officer for Borough of Fair Lawn) agreed to host an open meeting in Fair Lawn and invite all involved plus interested and concerned parties. Mr. Bolan will run through all technical aspects, and everyone involved in the planning will have an opportunity to speak, followed by questions from the audience. No date has been set, Paula Gilligan will be notified when there is a date and information will be shared with Glen Rock residents. 
What measures are being taken to address asbestos concerns during the demolition process? 
The contractor continues to do abatement of areas scheduled for demolition. The State visits the site regularly. The contractor has air monitors and maintains records of asbestos removal and disposal. Worth noting is that the County Board of Health received an anonymous complaint regarding asbestos coming from the site. The contractor has emailed me copies of the documentation and I have requested updates, this morning I requested he resend them again. 
During demolition the contractor wets the area to keep dust down (see attached photo). I am satisfied they are proceeding as discussed during our pre construction meetings. I have visited the site throughout demolition and wetting is seen every time there is actual work being performed which would create dust. 
Also, asbestos was removed from the locations being demolished. 
What parties are involved with the asbestos abatement? 
There are additional parties who are involved with Asbestos regulations. OSHA being the most prominent due to their regulations and oversight of demolition and renovation.  
  1. OSHA - handling asbestos in the workplace - covers construction work involving asbestos, including work, practices during demolition and renovation, worker training, disposal of asbestos waste and specification of permissible exposure limits. 
  2. EPA - promulgate regulations. 
Were inspections offered for homes in the area? 
Yes! Please see a copy of the letter that was sent to all residents within 200 feet of the property.  
What environmental protections are being taken at this point? 
The work area is wetted to minimize dust, there are no other known environmental issues on this site which are different from any other industrial site. Materials are recovered where necessary, and all materials are disposed of according to the regulations. 
What's the status of the demolition permit? 
There is progress on the balance of demolition release. The contractor is providing documentation on capping water and sewer lines, the contractor has the Bergen County Soil permit and will be sending them to us, the Contractor has provided copies of emails from PSE&G regarding utility disconnects and expected them to start removing conductors yesterday. It is my intention to release areas outside the utility core for demolition to include the foundation. Demolition should start quickly. At that time demolition would be permitted on all areas except the utility core. 
What point is the building at now with the takedown? 
The building still continues to be demolished with significant portions remaining. 
How will the noise be addressed? 
All construction and demolition activity, excluding emergency work, shall be performed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, or between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekends and federal holidays. 
The site is continuously monitored. I had required noise measurements and was told that the maximum reading was 85 DB with a background value of 65DB from the highway when there is no construction. 85 DB is similar to a noisy restaurant or heavy truck traffic. 
Seismic monitors have been installed in anticipation of demolition. 
All motorized equipment used in construction and demolition activity shall be operated with a muffler and/or sound-reduction device.  
When will the implosion take place? 
Implosion apparently remains the desired method of demolition for the tower. There remain no firm dates, there has been no review of any plan since none has been submitted. The owner/contractor has been advised the public outreach will be the first topic of the implosion meeting. The first meeting regarding implosion will be with the Building Department. Subsequent meetings will include others including but not limited to the Police Department, Fire Prevention, Fire Department, Borough Administration and Glen Rock officials. This meeting has not been scheduled. 
The approximate implosion date is April depending on the demolition progress of the other areas. Preliminarily the contractor has begun voluntary documentation of structures adjacent to the tower area. Road closures and evacuations will take place prior to implosion. Implosion uses explosive charges to cut the pre-weakened steel allowing the weight of the building to collapse the structure. 
At the 2-22-2023 council meeting a Glen Rock resident stated that the implosion was scheduled for 4/2 or 4/3, but it has been confirmed that there is no implosion date scheduled for either or those dates.  The date of the work is not yet scheduled. 
Where can the implosion be viewed safely? 
The best place to view the implosion safely would be from home watching it on the news.