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A Statement From The Mayor & Council Regarding Israel

We, the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Glen Rock, condemn Hamas' horrific acts of violence and terror targeting Israeli families and other civilians, including children in the nation of Israel. We stand with the people of Israel and our neighbors and the families of those who have lost loved ones.
Over the last few days, we have been monitoring this situation closely. We have spoken to members of the Jewish community in town about how we can support and assist them during this time. We have also received assurances from the Glen Rock Police Department that it is monitoring the situation to ensure the safety and security of all houses of worship and residences in Glen Rock. We are also working closely with nearby towns and our county, state and federal representatives to provide any needed help in getting in touch with loved ones in Israel and providing any other needed assistance.
At this time, many people here in Glen Rock are suffering as a result of these terrorist acts as they worry about friends and family in Israel. We are here to support them, and encourage the rest of our community to do the same.  Reach out to your neighbors, check in with them and let them know hate has no home in Glen Rock.