Fossil fuel emissions avoided
I total of 2,768 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided as a result of Glen Rock’s participation in SEA renewable energy program. This represents a 13% reduction in total residential CO2 emissions which are estimated to be 20,827 tons if we did not have the program. Looking at it another way, this is equivalent to removing 546 gas-consuming cars from the streets of Glen Rock.

What’s next?
SEA participants evaluated pricing for a 3rd contract in June 2022, however, the high volatility of current energy markets did not yield an acceptable bid. An additional round of bidding will occur once our energy consultant believes market conditions are more favorable, but this may not occur until early 2023. 

If you are want more information about the SEA renewable energy program that ran from April 2021 through September 2022, the introductory presentation can be viewed here